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Need cash worse then you need a car? We Buy Cars San Diego will solve your problem quickly. Our business relies on customers that want to sell a used car. That places every client we do business with on a VIP status. You call and we come. It is as simple as that. You will not encounter any haggling over details or hard sell tactics. We make getting an appraisal on your car painless. Fill out our online form or give us a quick phone call.

We offer some of the best prices available for your car, but it is up to the seller to accept or decline. Since our business depends on used cars, we can offer some of the best prices. If you sell a used car to us, we come to wherever the car happens to be to pick it up. We have picked up cars from home, work and the side of the road. People who sell a car to other individuals have to worry about advertising, showing the car to strangers and time-consuming paperwork. People usually have the option of trading their old car in when they buy a new car. It is likely that we will offer more cash for your car than a dealership will allow for trade in value. We Buy Cars San Diego eliminate those bothersome details. When we purchase a car, people do not have to worry about smog devices, the DMV or car titles. We are not particular about the type of cars we buy. We purchase nearly any type of car, SUV, van or truck.

It does not matter if the vehicle is dead or alive because we buy both. The bonus of selling a car to us is the effort we put into being an environmentally friendly company. We dispose of every vehicle and every part in a way that is kind to our environment. When we purchase a used car, customers do not have to worry about us deducting hidden fees or taxes from our appraisal. We pay the full amount of the quote we make.